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Community Poverty Alleviation Foundation, (COPAF) was founded on the 7th of July 2015, with its main office and headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

COPAF, is a concept and project that was hovering in the mind of founder, Ajanoh Roland Akame. The idea of the organization came after the death of his parents, which triggered a soft spot in his heart. Considering the urgency in the amelioration in the socio-economic and most especially the social domains of African families, children; Ajanoh wanted to develop something that would aid communities in acquiring funds to build and provide necessary social amenities, basic family needs to sustain livelihood, and educate children on the essence of good moral and educational upbringing.

The concept derives under the umbrella of fair national and international legislations towards the prevailing of socio-economic sustainability and posterity through growth.


Community Poverty Alleviation Foundation (COPAF), is a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing food, clean water, clothes, medication, financial aid and shelter to orphans and vulnerable children, living in poverty and economically depressed communities.

COPAF is dedicated to helping those economically deficient in the United States of America, West and Sub Saharan Africa, the Congo Basin, Madagascar the Amazon Forest area and Caribbean islands such as Haiti.

Our main mission is to provide sustainable solutions to problems presented by poverty in these affected regions. We strive to promote infrastructural enhancement, support educational institutions, and equip less developed communities with skills that will have a considerable affect in their development.

Through the implementation of its programs, COPAF provides support to needy groups to help facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social requirements, such as education and health care.
Simultaneously we enable people, of the various age group categories, to actively participate in their community by providing them with opportunities for knowledge, access resources and impact their community for posterity


Because income distribution has been one of the greatest drawbacks and push factors of poverty within the less developed countries; Community Poverty Alleviation Foundation, (COPAF), aims to advocate for the efficient utilization of resources and effective income distribution by the creation of adequate social amenities, especially in hinterlands and economically retarded territories. Inducing with the will to impact the lives of people; especially who do not have enough to provide for themselves.

What We Do

Clean Water Project

COPAF's Clean Water Project is committed to fund the most appropriate, efficient and sustainable water solutions available in West and Sub Saharan Africa, the Congo Basin, Madagascar the Amazon Forest area and Caribbean islands such as Haiti.

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Internally Displaced People

In response to the violence caused by political instability in Cameroon, COPAF diligently works to provide shelter and safety for the nearly 200,000 people who have fled their homes in English-speaking areas to the bush or French-speaking areas.

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Orphan Care

COPAF is dedicated to helping provide food, education, physiological care, support, and helping fund families’ essential needs and ensuring legal support and protection for orphans in economically depressed areas in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti.

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Who we help


According to reliable statistics Forty percent of Cameroon’s 23.7 million people live below the poverty line and human development indicators remain low.

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According to statistics from the United Nations Development Program, 24.7 percent of Haitians live in extreme poverty, which is less than $1.25 per day.

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Mozambique has 1.2 million inhabitants who have been affected by the idai cyclone which stroke the country of recent calls for concern.

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Our Team

Roland Akame Ajanoh


Roland is the founder and C.E.O. of COPAF.

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Ke'Line S. Ajanoh


Ke'Line S. Ajanoh is acting CFO and managing member of COPAF.

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Our services

Clothing Distribution

COPAF organizes quarterly clothing drives for distribution and accepts clothing donations year-round to our designated agencies.

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Food Distribution

COPAF collects non-perishable and canned foods for distribution to our agencies world-wide.

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Community Outreach/Fundraising

COPAF is committed to continuously raising funds towards the growth and development of impoverished communities in Africa & Haiti.

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