Community Poverty Alleviation Foundation (COPAF), is a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing food, clean water, clothes, medication, financial aid and shelter to orphans and vulnerable children, living in poverty and economically depressed communities.

COPAF is dedicated to helping those economically deficient in the United States of America, West and Sub Saharan Africa, the Congo Basin, Madagascar the Amazon Forest area and Caribbean islands such as Haiti.

Our main mission is to provide sustainable solutions to problems presented by poverty in these affected regions. We strive to promote infrastructural enhancement, support educational institutions, and equip less developed communities with skills that will have a considerable affect in their development.

Through the implementation of its programs, COPAF provides support to needy groups to help facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social requirements, such as education and health care.
Simultaneously we enable people, of the various age group categories, to actively participate in their community by providing them with opportunities for knowledge, access resources and impact their community for posterity